Score attack game

Number of Players

Single player

Available on

Xbox 360

A Platform Score Attack Game

Find out Smashell!

More about this game

Reach the highest score by taking advantage of several bonuses and upgrades, collecting coins and eating fruits, making combos and more! Fight the enemies and bosses, avoid lasers and win the challenges to gain up to 19 medals!
Here some of the objects you maybe interested in:

Collect these coins to increase your score, every 100 coins a special one will appear!

These special coins can be used to buy a 'continue' if you lose all your lives

Eat these fruits to refill your health bar, every 100 fruits you will gain a new life!

When possible, jump inside this house and you will gain a new upgrade!

If you unlock this sweet piggybot, he will help you to collect all the coins on the platforms.

Jump on this button to activate an explosion and destroy all enemies inside its radius!

If you drink some of these you will be able to move so fast that everything will appear slower to your eyes!